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Into the Deep... by CwieChanti

Normally you would've scored higher in the originality department, but the style you used is, of course, based on the original art style. Which isn't bad, just not so original.

The texture on the grass and the ripples on the lake are very well done. And I love how you defined the bark on the trees. The color tonality really sets off the bittersweet mood.

The piece also lacks a certain amount of consistency. Danny doesn't really fit in with the picture. He doesn't have the same smooth, soft look, partly due to the fact that he's the only figure outlined in bold black. If you're going to outline something, then you have to outline the entire picture to obtain the same consistency.

The shadows are also rather inconsistent. While the rest of the background has a semi-blurry look, the boarders of the shadows are very well defined. Especially Danny's shadow. The shadow should bend in the lake. The ripples in the water alter the path a shadow takes.
And the shadow on Danny is misplaced. Following the angle of the sun, his entire face and front body should be shrouded. The shadow on the body is also inconsistent with the one on the lake.

I would suggest you use a different style when drawing intricate and moody pictures like this. The limitations of the art prevents the artist from weaving the character into a detailed piece. The style of the cartoon is too simple to add in textures and anatomy. For example, the tear doesn't follow what should be the cheeks, entirely. This may be because it is difficult to tell where the cheek-line really is due to the art style.

To sum up, great job on the textures and background. Your characters and shadows could use a little work.
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CwieChanti Featured By Owner Dec 12, 2012  Student General Artist
First of all...THANK YOU very much for taking your time and writing a critique :)

I don't wanna defend myself now xDD But I gotta say some things about my work :)

It was my intention to make Danny in a different style than the background. I wanted to bring him out. Also there is kind of a background story...why is he diffrent? WHY doesn't he fit into this scenery?

About the shadows...YOU ARE TOTALLY RIGHT! I noticed myself that there was something wrong with the picture but I couldn't figure out what it is and after reading your critique I realized it. But well it was the first time I actually tried shading like that. Also I didn't spend much time drawing this so It maybe would've become more detailed and stuff :D

All in all I knew it isn't perfect ^^ But it's the most detailed pic I made so far :la:

THANK YOU VERY MUCH FOR TELLING ME THOSE THINGS :dummy: It helped me a lot :heart:
ellincrain Featured By Owner Dec 12, 2012  Student Digital Artist
Ah, I see. I felt that the clashing art style threw off the composition of the picture, though. The original art is a bit too cartoonish and simple to fit in with a very detailed work. Maybe try making it a bit more subtle if you ever want to make something like this again?

Anyways, I'm glad I was of help to you. :D
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